Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Awesome developments and traveling in Europe

My decision to stay here was a good call. Kinda like Mike Vick giving up murdering dogs.
Kinda like Jordan not giving up on basketball even after he was cut from the team in high school.
Kinda like our boys finally murdering Osama Bin-a-little-bitch- Laden.

Check out all these changes going on:

1/2 )I went to a professional soccer game in Germany. Kaiserslautern vs some team.
Check off the list yelling random chants I dont know in the EU
                      This is my video I took from my iphone of the game. It was insane loud. Folks were going crazy straight up spittin' out Germany phrases that probably didn't mean anything and who were more drunk than even I usually am at a sporting event I care about.

1) I chose what grad schools I'm applying for, when Im taking the GRE (on Nov 18), and... well, and that I am starting to go hard studying. Call me Nerdman Ford from here out folks - I'm strapping on my thinking cap and going to work.

2)I got a job! Particularly significant is that now I can stay in Europe for more than 90 days (for the year, actually). Its as an overnight warehouse stocking position or something like that - guaranteed to encounter creepy people that I work with, resulting in unimaginable debacles I will soon find myself in. I start on the 12th! I'm pumped, son.

3) Trung bought his ticket  to come over here, and he will arrive the night I get done the GRE, so it'll be party time and we're heading to Spain, Portugal, and Croatia.

4) I just traveled to Strasbourg, France a few days ago. I had my first CouchSurfing experience. (If you dont know what that is - you basically stay at someones place for free that you dont know, and prearrange it through a site online).

Better yet, when we met him - he walked up smoking what looked like a joint, dressed in rags, and I knew it would yet again be a fantastic trip and BETTER YET, he had a party for us to go to that night - a couchsurfing party!

thing I love about Europe: so much outdoor seating in beautiful cities
the "ill" river, which runs around the city

a dashing shot of me, not realizing a photo is being taken, in front of the tower we climbed the next day
Call me an artist, because this is a damn beautiful photo.

So we went to the party and met a bunch of people from all over the world - there were 50 people there, about 25 from France and 25 from all over the world, and I have some funny pictures. The common language was English, and most spoke French. We brought so much beer - everyone did.  It was like the Oktoberfest of France.

Funny situation:

So I was working the room, and was all tuckered out by the end of the night. I had a really funny situation with this girl that I didnt realize she thought we were flirting (which I have no idea how because it was like 3 am and I was nearly sleeping while talking to her). You know how french girls give 2 kisses on the opposite sides of the cheek when they said hi and bye? ...wellll....

When I went to say bye, I went to give her a kiss on the cheek, and she thought that I was trying to kiss her on the lips (I guess?), so I think she kissed me on like...I dont know - it wasn't my lips - buttt, it was an awkward place that wasnt my cheek either, nor really my lips - I don't know. It was noticeably weird - for some reason everyone was watching.

THEN I thought it might have been a fluke (plus I was half-drunk so didnt register immediately), so I go to give her a kiss on the other side, and she nearly lunged for my face to kiss me. I feel a little bit bad, because all their names were so hard I can't even remember which one she was. Or where she was from. But I think it was like... Greece, or something. It might have been Turkey.

my first cigarette i rolled

me, pre-smoking with all of the europeans

the host of the party. a sure goon

Am I the only one that sees that outstanding uni-brow that guy is working?

Then the next day we climbed to the top of a church

Now Im just studying me arse off!

Here's to the good times! Slanche!!