Monday, July 30, 2012

Roadtrip to Texas: Charlotte, NC to Birmingham, AL

Day 2:

Everything about Birmingham, Alabama was hilarious. I mean everything.

 First off, I think we added 2 to the current population of 12 white people who reside there. All we did there was go to the civil rights museum, various craft breweries, and a great outdoor jazz festival. It was a real hoot.

We were among a lot of black families who were touring, some of which were old enough to have seen first hand the brutalities and horrible treatment from white people. Yet, its amazing how things evolve:

 An old black woman and I were joking about old barber tools they used to use. A young black girl and I were talking about a part of the exhibit. There was the tremendous sense that change is possible, and it has for the large part happened; we were coexisting, laughing and joking. Wasn’t that what the whole civil rights were about?

We got a picture with them afterwards

In front of the church that was bombed where 4 young black girls died. 
The original route the protesters marched on

It was a large city of very local stores, most of which were run down, some in operation still but many that weren’t – just to give you a feel for the city.

We did go to this small, southern, homey, quaint, hole-in-the-wall bar on a very random sidestreet. They only served beer and lunchmeat sandwiches. So that’s what we got. She remember us by name, and used “y’all” all the time.

brotha jay making the south look good for once

I don’t know what to say about the jazz festival besides this:
 it was awesome.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Roadtrip to Texas Day 1: DE to Charlotte, NC

 Delaware to Texas in a week. Day 1:
 We drove through Maryland, D.C., and Virginia before arriving to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Well, put me on an American roadtrip, give me good company, and you’ve got me at my finest. Add the Olympics happening at the same time? Come on. You have my jingoist aspirations will full eagle’s wings spread and ready to take on the world. 

We left this morning in what always is a tearful goodbye for my Mommom. We live with her when we are in the states since my mom is working in Germany. 

First Stop:

Our first rest stop was hilarious. We reunited with a girl Jay and I met on a cruise TEN YEARS AGO. I was 14 at the time, I think she was 16, and jay was 17. I have no idea how this happened.. we kept up like only every other year, then last night she facebooked me and asked if I still lived in DE, that she was driving through. We were too. So we met up!

 I am on my typical documentation bonanza – so you will have plenty to enjoy. It will be like you are right with us. Minus all of the dead time.

I Love Black People

There sure are a lot of black people here. In fact, I was about to title this whole post “I love black people,” which really is true, but I decided I would just settle for a sub-heading.  

We are already experiencing the southern way of life; these people are all outside boozing and BBQing. Playing. Sitting. Walking. They do everything outside here. 

If I love being around black people so much, just wait until I get to Birmingham, AL tomorrow. Yiiiipeeeee

Run Down Motel

As fate would have it, despite checking into the worlds shittiest motel, we turned on the TV only to see… lo and behold.. DUMB AND DUMBER. Don’t even let me begin..  
 “We’re really doing it, Harry!”

Our hotel room was so shitty that Jay and I decided we would in fact be cleaner if we did not to take a shower there.

Roadside stop at the grave of Stonewall Jackson.

We went to an awesome Gastro-Pub in Charlotte called The Liberty. We had some awesome craft brews, the city’s “best burger” and called it a night.