Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tom Ford Does London

Been depressed lately? Something missing in your life? Thought so:

Every once in a while I think about how sad it is I'm not updating you guys more regularly with my life that's so much more exciting than your normal life. jk.sorta.

Alas, I have some good updates for you:

1) No more than one day passed after I finished my GRE (done baby!) that I was on a flight to London to meet up with Trung and party hardy. Actually, I went to London twice in 2 weeks.

2)Trung was going straight picture-silly with that profesh camera he's got going on. Luckily he had a model there to use for some of his shots.
Trung's Camera is insane. This is a real picture he took of me laying on a wall next to a street lamp.

two handsome devils in front of the London eye. Look at Trung's hiar part.

3) Since I didnt drink for 6 weeks, I became just a little bit of a bitch with my tolerance. The result is I have some silly stories. Only about 45 minutes passed before I was antagonizing this gay guy that was hitting on me - I dont really know why but I was jokingly hitting on him. Then apparently he tried to lick me.
I was not aware of this.

And I seriously dont know what the hell it is about men and touching me, but this old guy starts lifting up my shirt and everything in the middle of the bar. His wife and daughter were right there too! Shame on that man. So I kissed his wife and told his daughter to take a picture.
wife of touchy drunk man

I dont even know who these people are.

look. at. that. beard. and trung mackin on some italian chick

Trung and I came back and it was Thanksgiving. We had a party at my place.

Aside from my travels,

Work at the military base has been downright hilarious. What I am endlessly thankful for is the jokebags I work with. Im telling you, this stellar collection of individuals is worth a mention. Especially the tall black man I refer to as Caveman, who has no teeth and talks to me all the time.

I just laugh and laugh and laugh. Im not sure if he's telling any jokes, but I think he appreciates it.

Theres this other man Jeremiah who ONLY wears 3 things; a Green Lantern jersey, a Superman jersey, and a Punisher jersey. Yes, jerseys. All complete with matching belts. He tells me I look like I superhero every day. In fact, he calls me Thor to my face. He doesn't even know my real name.

Sol is a sweet old Filipino woman Im in love with. She is about 50 or 60 and awesome. I hit on her all day and in return she brings me in food.

Then I get seriously hit on by some army wife who's husband is in Afghanistan non-stop. I try not to dabble in that yard. When she fb friends me when I come back to the states Im gonna have to delete this so she doesnt see it.

Heres one more random pic taken in London of the pretty christmas lights, that has nothing to do with work.

 Im going to London tomorrow for a coldplay concert. So I will surely have a good update next time too