Monday, August 6, 2012

We found the leprechaun and the gold in Mobile Alabama! And New Orleans :)

Yes we did. We went an hour and a half off our route to find the gold.

We found the tree that the dude is gonna get a backhoe and uproot. Ford the gold, baby.

Fortunately for us he has not yet been able to afford the backhoe.

This is the house!! The dude with the leprechaun flute!

It was far too dangerous to get out of the car. There was someone on the front porch staring at us.

It doesnt sound terrible, but if you are in the Crichton community in Mobile, Alabama and a person is staring at you, its not good news. So the next best thing was the drive-through photo.

Turn to 1:06 in this video to see what I found in real life!


This sums up all we did in N'awlins. 

The first time Jay and I were hanging out along the Mississippi!

Oh yeah and we stopped into the casino and one of my first pulls I wont 50 bucks! you can see the number in the picture! haha

We also went to Texas. The only notable event was eating in a real Western restaurant out in the country
Look at all that meat!

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