Monday, June 25, 2012

Euro roadtrip to a monastery that brews the #1 ranked beer in the world

The only place in the world you can get this beer is in this very beergarden out in the middle of nowhere.

Leave the task to the Ford brothers to envision a trip solely based around drinking beer - not just any beer - but to the monastery that brews the number one ranked beer in the world: Westvletteren.

Jay and I, knockin em back.
Based off the pure quality of this beer I coulda had damn near a hundred.

Yes, I said a monestary brews the beer. That means that real monks. I even caught a picture of a real one strolling the halls! What a treasure.

You are only allowed to walk in their courtyard, so I felt lucky I got to see one inside. Im sure he was likely the head brewmaster.

Each monestary has their own pub, so Chimay's pub was the first we hit up. Nothing better tasting you can find out there - if I could knock back 100 Westvletteren, then make it 200 Chimays. I am going to be one drunk man.

I of course had to get all four beers they brew. The blonde one in the back right is their special brew you can only get at this pub.

- Insert Will Ferrell in Old School; "Its so good, as soon as it touches your lips." -

Our second stop was Westvletteren, pictured above, and the 1st pic in this blog. 

There's something great about kicking back, having a lot of laughs (aided my many brews), and enjoying the company of your family, making new memories, and enjoying the best beer in the world. And relying on mom to drive the rest of the way because it would not have been possible otherwise.

Im telling you, this place is out in the middle of the country to get to. Check out the road we trekked to get 

Jay actually refused to be in a single picture without making a 'Number 1' sign with his fingers since its the #1 beer in the world. To prove it just look at all the pics above from us at this place.

We pulled into Brugge (the capital of Belgium) and I ingested the single the least healthy food I have ever stuffed into my body - fried hamburger. 

But its okay because we washed it down with a Stella (Josh Kelly's favorite beer), just to make sure our body wasnt going to get any real hydration at all over the weekend.

Ill get back to beer later, because I dont want you to stop reading for thought that you will ONLY look at us drinking beer the entire vacation. We also did other things. Really - we did.

I bought a new pair of boat shoes, so to make it authentic, we decided we would take a boat tour of the city. You know, just to fit in some casual maritime activity.

See? Zing.

The Pondering Guru

The ol Ford family photo in Europe

Jay found a random ass, beautiful cat (best description I could come up with) hanging out on a bridge. So we hung out with it.

Smokin Stogies

The men enjoying a fine cigar by the lake.

 lighting up

We had a grand old time. You can guarantee we will be doing this very thing 50 years from now.

This was a first; my mom drinking a brew with me! And of course, me supporting America everywhere I go, like a true jingoist would.

And finally, we toured a brewery. Then drank beers there. It was a lovely Ford family roadtrip in Europe in search of beer, and boy did we find it.

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