Monday, June 18, 2012

YORO. You only Rome once - on your birthday.

We ate way too much pasta carbonara, downed lots of bottles of red wine, stole plenty of kisses, held hands like they were sewn together, raced at the circus maximus, and had a hell of a ride enjoying life like its meant to be enjoyed.

And of course, I got iced at the Spanish Steps on my 24th.

I was waiting until pictures surfaced of me getting iced on the Steps for me to post this blog. Because honestly, how the hell could I not include a gem like that??

This is us in front of St Peters Basilica

It seem I became awfully poor at capturing the whole point of the picture - us in front of Trevi Fountain

Look who I ran into in Rome - Tina. Of course Kamaal goes international.

Getting photobombed at the Collosseum is boss. you should try it sometime

Since mrit is a lot prettier than me, I figured itd be better to just put a picture of her up

Buuuuttt.... here's me doing what I do best in Rome - of course to do with eating - 
me polishing off the last piece of pizza.

Owning it in front of the Pantheon.

Also, I forgot to say that we spent 2 days in Germany.

..and we made out in a castle. 

The End.

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